Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Farm

Well today we were invited to a birthday party for a beautiful now 4 year old girl from the co-op group. We were talking about the animals and reading animal books all week but Kayak knew that we were going today she woke and said "ready let's go to barn". While we were standing at the entrance to go in she could hear the animals and kept telling me what they were, and was getting a little impatient I might add :) We used to have passes when she was first born but we haven't been back since she was maybe 1 so this was her first time at a real farm. We got to milk a cow first which Star loved and Kayak wanted nothing to do with, then we saw hens and roosters and got to chase and try to catch them. They got to ride ponies, had a train ride and a hayride. The guy that did the tour told us about each animal then let us go in to hold, or touch then they fed some of them. All I could think was about was the slobber and germs all over their hands, but we survived. Anyway they held a 2 week old chick, saw a mommy pig nursing her piglets. They loved all of it so I think we will be going back soon. Kayak keeps talking about the train and not being able to catch a duck :( so when we go back I will put the duck on a high priority list. WHAT A GREAT DAY!

Here is the prize winning duck and best of friends!

Green Meadows Farm

Friday, February 26, 2010

Waiting for books...

I never thought I'd be the kind of Mommy that is hanging around the house anticipating the arrival of our new books. But yes here I am, every time Star hears a car go by she runs to see if they are here. We order from Books A Million when they have deep, deep clearance sales and when we get great coupons. I got 27 books for $50 now that is a great deal! We got some Charlotte Mason books for the first time and I am am super excited about those, then we got tons of educational books for the girls. Oh yea then I found two Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious books that we didn't have. We just read Muncha Muncha and Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs. Now she is working of food pictures, sorting them into food groups and picking out the menu she would have falling from the sky. Of course I knew exactly what she would "order" noodles.......she would eat noodles every day for every meal if I would let her. Then she said pancakes, carrots and apples. We will do our version of a lapbook for at least one of these books this week. Then I have books ready to be picked up at the library but we wont make it until Wednesday this week. I hope this weather gets a little warmer today so we can go out and play.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This blog has landed on the back burner for sure. We have been so busy playing and learning I just can't find a time to update it as much as I'd like too :) Not complaining at all, it amazes me to watch the girls learn and I just don't want to miss out on anything. Our weeks basically the same as far as playgroups and the co-op we do, also we go to the library for a story time, puppet show and craft that they absolutely love. They both love to read still so we can read no joke about 50 books a day! I think they both are doing wonderful for being only 4 and 2 and already reading, Kayak is even starting to "draw" her letters. We do some science activities we have grown sprouts, made a plastic bottle lava thing with oil and food coloring and grew rye grass so far. I think we will be planting a garden next month, right now we are still in the planning stage and they are very excited about it.
As far as curriculum goes we are going to try next year without a boxed program or workbooks then we will reevaluate and see where we are and if we need to get her on one for First grade. I pick a topic or book and we do activities and worksheets then we finish with a lap book (we just started and love them so far). I am so lucky to be able to enjoy being with them all the time I just can't imagine my life any different. However that being said I could use some "kid free" time too....some days I feel very overwhelmed. Well I have had to stop a total of 6 times just while trying to post this so I guess it is time to go, have a fabulous day!