Sunday, December 6, 2009

AHHHH Sunday.

Anyone that knows me pretty well knows Sunday is relax day at our house. I don't schedule activities or play dates or even shopping for this day. We basically lock the doors after Daddy leaves and we do laundry, play games, clean a little, cook, well today we baked chocolate chip cookies and I made Beef Strogonoff with a little help from my elf's :) I had to break the rule and go out today, not so happy about that but we were out of Kayak's milk so we went to Three yes Three stores to find it. Why you ask? Well the Dollar General of course didn't have but I thought I would check because I am trying very hard to be more frugal, then Winn Dixie so they did have but it was expired two weeks ago and they only had 2 packs. So we had to go to the most crowded Walmart ever, and we finally got 4 packs. This is not just any milk, it is Yoplait Dora and Blues clues milk I have tries to get her off of these many times but have yet to succeed. So then we came home and made lunch Kayak took a short nap while Star and I did some stuff for school. Overall not so bad for Sunday.
We have always tried to live with less, (except when it comes to the girls, I give in way to easy) So lately we have been exploring other blogs and finding out what other people are doing. I have found on Frugal Florida Mom that has great ideas one was to not use the heat or air for one month. We decided to try it and so far we have been fine until this morning it was 62 in the house when we woke up, yes that is cold for me. I didn't turn the heat on just bundled up the girls and stayed close on the couch until it warmed up! Also this Mom shops at stores that she gets money back or reward money I think it is called. You buy $10 worth of stuff and get $4 to use toward the next purchase, I know I haven't started yet but it is on my list along with coupons. The problem with the coupons is I cut them or print them and leave them at home when I go to the store and then next time I look at them they are expired. I guess I should get a coupon organizer any way I will let you how it goes, wish me luck!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

So It has only been a month.......

I have been nursing sick kids, husband and myself back to normal so I am not doing so good posting on this blog, I am trying. Anyway we are all well now and just got back from visiting the Grandparents for Thanksgiving, wow it was chilly there! We had a great time hanging out inside most of the time, we did go sailing and get to see a boat parade. However if you know me you know my kids were bundled up so much they could hardly breath, pictures to come. We got to help put all the Christmas decorations up and the girls loved that. My Mom has more "stuff" than anyone I know. I am more of a practical person I don't need stuff and don't like to have useless things to look at. It actually makes me uneasy to be in a room full of clutter or have things out of place, I guess I have a little bit of OCD! I am a little concerned I have past this on tho my own kids, if kids come over to play Star is going nuts watching the mess unfold, then when they leave she puts everything back in it's place. This could be a good trait I guess. When we get home from a trip I have to unpack, clean, and put everything away that day or I feel very stressed until it is done. So what do you think is it better to live in chaos or be OCD, you pick!
On another note school has been a challenge lately. We are still doing some spelling, reading, and writing, but there is no curriculum at this point just goals we are trying to reach. I have made Kayak's room the school room since she is in a big girls bed, they sleep in the same room. This is working out better because we can go in close the door and knock out some distractions. I made the living room a play room so they still have an area they can go create and chill. Right now they are on a boat rescuing animals and taking pictures of them.
One of Star's very close friends has now joined us in homeschooling so this is great because I always had to tell her that her friends are in school so we can't play today. Now they go to the same co-op and we get to hang out on library day. Oh and we found a new library because the one near us cut the children's librarian out of their budget, we went yesterday for the first time. It was priceless, there are two older woman doing puppet shows and reading stories, then they do a craft. I thought for sure they wouldn't be able to sit and listen to them because the one lady couldn't even show the kids the pictures in the book she had to have it so close to her eyes!