Thursday, February 25, 2010

This blog has landed on the back burner for sure. We have been so busy playing and learning I just can't find a time to update it as much as I'd like too :) Not complaining at all, it amazes me to watch the girls learn and I just don't want to miss out on anything. Our weeks basically the same as far as playgroups and the co-op we do, also we go to the library for a story time, puppet show and craft that they absolutely love. They both love to read still so we can read no joke about 50 books a day! I think they both are doing wonderful for being only 4 and 2 and already reading, Kayak is even starting to "draw" her letters. We do some science activities we have grown sprouts, made a plastic bottle lava thing with oil and food coloring and grew rye grass so far. I think we will be planting a garden next month, right now we are still in the planning stage and they are very excited about it.
As far as curriculum goes we are going to try next year without a boxed program or workbooks then we will reevaluate and see where we are and if we need to get her on one for First grade. I pick a topic or book and we do activities and worksheets then we finish with a lap book (we just started and love them so far). I am so lucky to be able to enjoy being with them all the time I just can't imagine my life any different. However that being said I could use some "kid free" time too....some days I feel very overwhelmed. Well I have had to stop a total of 6 times just while trying to post this so I guess it is time to go, have a fabulous day!

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