Saturday, January 24, 2009

a new place to write!

OK, I am starting by telling you I am so excited about this blog site! I write poetry, books, and journals almost daily, now I can do it all right here.

However today was pretty much the typical Saturday so far, Saad is working ,I am home with the girls, and we just had a play date with our little girlfriends. I always said play dates are for Moms more than the kids, this is more true if your a stay at home Mom. Kayak still doesn't enjoy these play dates or play groups yet, she cries as soon as the doorbell rings or we get to someones house and she sees we are going in.

Another adventure we had today was getting to ride in Daddy's car with the music up loud and the windows down. You laugh, that is a big deal to them. As soon as the see me put the car seats in his car they get excited. I only got to go 3 miles, for them it felt like we were on the way to the MOON! They laugh and squeal at each other as if they are on a ride at Disney World.

Then we have the daily drama in this house of food. I am not picky, as I am sure you know, every one else has in their head that I am a personal chef! Today's menu included hash browns, biscuit's, turkey bacon, baked chicken, rice, mac and cheese, jelly sandwich and chips, salad, pizza, gold fish, gold fish pretzels, and it is only 6:04.