Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Farm

Well today we were invited to a birthday party for a beautiful now 4 year old girl from the co-op group. We were talking about the animals and reading animal books all week but Kayak knew that we were going today she woke and said "ready let's go to barn". While we were standing at the entrance to go in she could hear the animals and kept telling me what they were, and was getting a little impatient I might add :) We used to have passes when she was first born but we haven't been back since she was maybe 1 so this was her first time at a real farm. We got to milk a cow first which Star loved and Kayak wanted nothing to do with, then we saw hens and roosters and got to chase and try to catch them. They got to ride ponies, had a train ride and a hayride. The guy that did the tour told us about each animal then let us go in to hold, or touch then they fed some of them. All I could think was about was the slobber and germs all over their hands, but we survived. Anyway they held a 2 week old chick, saw a mommy pig nursing her piglets. They loved all of it so I think we will be going back soon. Kayak keeps talking about the train and not being able to catch a duck :( so when we go back I will put the duck on a high priority list. WHAT A GREAT DAY!

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