Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Opening My Eyes

I finally went to the Kinder Care today and I was going to inform them Star wasn't going to be there Monday. However when I walked in and saw the class set up and her name and her friends name on the door and desks I began to change my mind. I thought about it and talked with the Director about my reasons I did not want her to go then completely opened my eyes. The other day she was at a birthday party and she wouldn't even talk to the kids she didn't know, much less play with them. We never thought she was missing out, but I realized this time in her young life she needs interaction with new faces and needs to finally be away from Mommy. Of course I will be staying there for the first day just to see how she does then we will reevaluate the situation and make a more permanent decision. I told her one of her friends was in her class and how much fun she was going to have, then we went by there to see it and I think she is getting excited. I am done for now I don't have much to say I guess :(

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