Friday, August 21, 2009


In the morning at 5:15 we will wake up and that for me is the beginning of Ramadan. We will eat then pray and go back to sleep until the girls wake up. The day will be long I will be craving caffeine among other things and the first day is the worst for me anyway. The day will long and hopefully quiet as I want to start reading the Quran from the beginning and get as far as I can this month, maybe I will finish, insha allah! In this month we are feeling the need for food and water and remembering those that go without it daily. For them they don't get to eat a huge meal at sundown as we do, everyday they struggle with hunger. We will go on about our day pretty much as any other day and take comfort in those around us that are fasting, go to work, try to nap, see the spiritual side of our lives come out, and try to keep life as simple as possible. For me it is about connecting myself to Allah (God) and maintaining patience, trusting myself to make it 30 days, and looking forward to the accomplishment when it is over. You will never fully understand fasting until you do it, no food or water from sunrise to sunset. When I started the first day I honestly thought I was going to die. I didn't know if I would make it through the entire Ramadan, but every day got easier and felt like I could walk on water when it ended, that I had done it. I pray to do good deeds and have a happy and healthy Ramadan this year.

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