Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today went very well once again Star wanted to read all the Bob books, find and cut out more "a" words, write her name and numbers, and then I had her draw "a" pictures and they turned out great. We played a number matching game, and a gingerbread boy color matching game that I found online. Then we had a pool play date that lasted until the rain came, and when we got home she read two books almost by herself. I let her play the leapster each day and watch either leapfrog Math Circus, or the word leap frog DVD. This afternoon we played Hullabaloo and Elefun, and made pizza for dinner. Tonight they were playing "safari", since Kayak got the Dora and Diego backpacks for her birthday they love to hide animals all over the house, get the backpacks, and flashlights and search for them. When they catch them they pretend to be doctors and help the rescued animals.

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