Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally Thursday!

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! We got so much done around here and are still waiting patiently for school to start. Star and Kayak and I met my friend and her lovely family at Animal Kingdom this week and got to see so many creatures. They loved seeing all the animals but the snakes and spider exhibit scared Kayak every time she looked at them she did this little shiver. I guess she will take after me, I can't stand snakes! It was very HOT that day but we did the safari and the train to the petting area, then we watched Nemo the musical. It was fun just visiting with an old friend, the girls only lasted until 3:00 then fell asleep before I even could get out of the parking lot.
We have gone to the library and got most of the books we need for the first two weeks of school, but today we are going to a play date near another library so we need to get Chicka Boom, and Who Am I. I have almost all the lesson planning part done for the first 6 months. We need to make lace up cards for Kayak and get tangrams and pattern cards for Star but there is not a store around here so I may order them online.
For now I have to get going we have to get the oil changed in my car today and be at the park in an hour, YIKES.

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