Sunday, August 16, 2009

work boxes

Today we finally printed numbers for the work box idea and Star loves the knowing what comes next part. I put all her work in for the day and she knows she can do it in any order as long as it gets done. Today she did all the work for Monday in an hour and a half, I put it in the boxes just to show her and she insisted we do school today. We made an "A" book and found things that started with A, then read The Kissing Hand and The Gingerkid Goes To School. I have lots of activities to go with these books so I am glad we got a head start. She painted and made a craft project for Ramadan, it starts in 4 days. We have been getting all the information and schedules for the field trips and I am not sure who is more excited me or her. We are going to see Charlotte's Web the play, Museum of Science, Gatorland, Lake Eva, ice skating (my Mom can go here), and Green Meadows farm so far. I wish I did that stuff in school I might have actually gone! Kayak is still doing tot trays and reading when she wants, but loves blocks so we bought some new alphabet nesting blocks and foam colored blocks to build with. Yesterday she had a great time with her umbrella splashing in the rain, then after it stopped they went swimming for the afternoon.

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