Monday, August 10, 2009

Our busy day

Today went something like this, we got up at 8:00 walked Wanagi and got ready for Ikea. We got there and Star wanted to play in the kids place, for about five minutes! They paged me and said she wanted to leave so we rushed around the store (both girls walking) they stopped at all the play stations and stopped every 5 minutes between. What I thought would be a nice relaxing time ended up being a frantic, overstimulated, headache! Anyway we got home and started building our goodies a table and chairs, storage solutions, a puppet theater and some more random things for the tot trays. We haven't got the table and chairs done yet because I had so much help I couldn't concentrate. :)
After nap and lunch we washed all the outside toys, I gave them each a pail with soapy water and a cloth and they went to town for TWO HOURS! It was sweet Star washed and Kayak rinsed for the most part. Then we came in and did tot trays with beads, play dough, rice and pasta shaped like lobster (thanks Mom they did come in handy after all)they kept switching who was pouring, who was scooping. Now it is time for dinner, then bath and bed, I hope to have both sleeping by eight so I can finish creating the stations and do the phonics pocket charts.
HEARTS H- is for our children's Heart,E - is for Eternity, A- is for Ability and Attitude, R- is for Right Relationship, T- is for Today and Tomorrow..................

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