Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Yes today is Father's Day but around here we are happy to say everyday is Father's or Mother's day, so we don't do much. The girls made beautiful cards and I helped Star make a book about her and Daddy that he loved :) Oh and I pressure washed the screened in porch for a surprise he hasn't seen it yet.
This has been a crazy week because the girls got some virus and were sick for about 4 days so we stayed home most of the week. Star can now swim across the pool underwater, Kayak is still wearing a flotation device only because I can't trust her in the water yet. We are super busy this week with 2 water park days, Toy Story 3 (the first movie they will see at the theater) Fire and Ice show with Neutron Nick, swimming and playgroup with the homeschooling friends, and then a kids gym on Friday. I hope everyone is enjoying this summer!

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