Monday, March 15, 2010

This is some small manipulative's that the girls use to count and sort, I love this storage bin!
Our neighborhood birds had a baby that we have enjoyed watching
These are great games that we play and love
This storage bin is from Target and holds tons of school toys, the smaller containers are from Ikea. We have rice and beans on this day that they practice picking up with plastic tongs and transferring to the ice cube trays. Then tangagrams, lacing blocks, widgets, puzzles, blocks, screws, and some instruments. I change most of the stuff out every week to keep them interested.
These are some of the many books we are reading right now, today we also read The Little Princess. I let them pick books off the shelves all day for me to read, then Star has to read at least 2 to us, and these 3 we are reading over the next couple of weeks.

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