Monday, March 22, 2010

The Owl box

So if you are interested this is a very cool ap on your iphone ustream. We have been recording videos and sending them to grandparents since I figured it out last week, but then I came across this and know we are addicted! I first saw this posted on a homeschooling group but I didn't check it our until I was uploading our videos and it was a live shot of this owl Molly that was watching over her eggs, we saw one hatch Max! The girls keep telling me let's see what molly is doing, oh she is sleeping, or look she is sitting on him, they love it! This is not what I intended my iphone to be used for but it turns out that it has lots of educational aps that the girls use and learn from. Besides watching Molly today we did our regular lessons then changed out the boxes in the schoolroom, we read Little Woman and some Robert Frost. Now it is nap time for Kayak and Star is playing her leapster then we are off to the park :)

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