Saturday, November 7, 2009

I knew my week was going to well and something was about to crack! Yes, Star yesterday was a true rebel on all levels. She refused and I mean refused to do school, it took 4 hours and it should have only been 2. The precious child was acting like she didn't know ANY of the numbers (words) and then she forgot her spelling words and couldn't read her 2 Bob books. I was trying to remain calm and keep my cool, I think when she saw I wasn't getting worked up ( on the outside) she gave in! Then we had a homeschooling group park day and she fell in love with a little girl there. After we left she wanted me to call her Mom and see if she could come over today, I thought it was so cute. Anyway I released all my tension last night at ladies night, and I am hopeful that after the weekend my sweet eager to learn child shows up!

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