Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great week so far........

It is only Tuesday yes I know, but Star can read 5 books, our school time is getting better and better everyday, and we met a great homeschooling group that is close by! So for me this is what is keeping me going on this journey. I love learning thru my child's eyes, we are growing Lima beans and they have started to sprout so I told her we have to plant them. The next sentence out of her mouth was," we can't plant them because I don't want a giant to live in the beanstalk". Every week we stick to one "theme" and I guess the "J'' and Jack in the beanstalk stuck with her!
We are doing The Very Hungary Caterpillar this week, for reading I read the book and they use the felt board to help recreate the story, then we use this story to learn the days of the week, counting and colors for Kayak. Star made a egg carton caterpillar and we actually found a cocoon outside and have been watching to see if the butterfly comes out. Well today I happen to look up and see a beautiful butterfly, so she thinks it came from the cocoon, what luck! Also we are excited about the new Co-op because it is geared toward 4-7 year olds, most of the other groups are children of all ages that are doing homeschooling. Every week a parent teaches about a subject or does a craft, I think I will do something to do with cooking not sure yet. Don't ever look behind you, always keep your eyes on what is right in front of you because you can't change what happened yesterday!

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