Sunday, August 9, 2009

Homeschooling here we come!!!!!

So we have officially decided to home school both girls, however Star is just starting Pre-k and Kayak will do what we call Tot school. We are trying out different styles for now, no we are not sitting at a desk for 8 hours doing workbooks. We have a support group here that does co-ops and field trips two or three times a month, and we still will meet up with our friends who attend public school (socialization part). We considered doing this for months and have been working on lesson plans and curriculum's, (I will post them weekly) however it is only TWO WEEKS away and as of now we are 90% ready. Star is so excited as we set up the "school room" she was telling me "I have the best classroom ever", last week she still was talking about her teacher and her new school so I guess she is getting used to the idea of it. We met some new friends this week one has 6 children she is homeschooling and has since pre-k the other has two boys she has home schooled since pre-k. They both were full of great information on curriculum or lack of, and workbooks that worked and some that didn't. It is always nice to have people who have experience to help you through new adventures!

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