Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school (again)

So Star started VPK at the local Kinder Care and loves it. Yesterday was the first day, and she kept saying she didn't want to go that if we went she would run away! Then we got there and she wanted me to sit in circle time (to make sure I was going to stay). I had to tell her we just were going to meet the teacher and see the class, that way she didn't think I was leaving. Well she finally sat in the circle and the teacher asked her name she said, "I'm not telling you". My sweet Star, I think she wanted to just run out of there, so I was starting to cry because she didn't want to stay alone, so I just gave her a kiss in her hand and told her to hold it, if she wants a kiss or needs to feel me open her hand and I will be there. Star finally saw her friend and was excited he was in her class so while she wasn't looking I dashed out (just out in the hall). I waited with a dear friend until I felt she was going to alright and I went back 15 minutes early to get her and we watched again from the window, she was fine. telling me Mrs.Ana did this, Mrs.Ana said this......Anyway I am so glad I let her finally go, but I am still very sad that she is not with me ALL the time. I guess they have to grow up, now if I could only start now to Today was day 2 and there were no problems, she got up and couldn't wait to get there. The teacher said today she finally talked, she is very polite and was starting to make friends. I asked Star on the way home what they did and she told me the scoop learning center, I am thinking it is like the tot trays we did at home. They read stories and sang songs, she reminded me again of some of the rules, yesterday she told me remember Mommy no flip-flops! I guess some kids wore them and the teacher wasn't happy, oh and she likes her teacher Mrs.Ana, and she keepsget Kayak ready for letting go!

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