Saturday, June 26, 2010

Enjoying Life!

It has been a pretty busy week for us between the lawn mower, gym, pool, water parks, play dates, and Neutron Nick. I try to plan an activity everyday to get us out of the house and this being Florida let's face it, only indoor or pool activities are worth doing. They do some extra shows and things in the summer at the local library, we have done a magic show and a fire and ice show. The magic show was a little dry for my 2 and 5 year old but the fire and ice show was suppose to be geared for ages 4-8 so I can't expect Kayak to like it. Star was playing who can pinch my nose harder, me of my friend N....... so this week we will not be going to see the amazing juggler act, I think I will spare the girls from the boredom!
We have been meeting friends at water parks and their pools to stay cool,that is always a big hit especially since Star can swim underwater all over the pool now :) Kayak will take lessons in the Fall for the first time so maybe by next year she will be a little guppy! They also helped Daddy fix the lawnmower this week, let me start by telling you it is a industrial ride behind mower (so really big). Anyway it got a flat tire I went to get the pump while he was watching them "fix it" and they pushed the air valve into the tube. So we couldn't blow it up until we pulled the valve out, here we are 4 days later grass is 3 ft high the tire is still flat. You got to love all the extra help :) They do help out with dishes, sweeping and laundry only because it is easier to involve them than to exclude them at this point. It is time now to go do our weekly Target trip and that is all we have planned for today so it is like a vacation day for me!

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